Axi+Line™ Proximal Bunion Correction System

Axi+Line™ Proximal Bunion Correction System

The Axi+Line™ Proximal Bunion Correction System addresses treatment of deformities of larger angles and addresses correction in the frontal plane.

  • Desired angle correction is built into the plate, providing a self-reducing, 5-hole construct with bicortical locking or non-locking screw options to minimize loss of reduction and potential for dorsiflexion malunion
  • Osteotomy guide provides a templated path for a precise osteotomy, minimizing the probability of shortening
  • Instrumentation provides full control of all bone fragments during the procedure and allows for a seamless transition from templating to plating
  • The Long Oblique Osteotomy (Modified Mau) maximizes fusion surface area and provides the ability to correct moderate to large angular deformities
  • The proximal Mau osteotomy avoids violating a healthy metatarsal-cuneiform joint as with Lapidus correction
  • Sterile kit – provides added efficiency and convenience for surgical team
  • Corrects both IM angle and frontal plane rotation

This product is distributed by Nextremity Solutions, Inc.


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Axi+Line™ Proximal Bunion System